Galaxy Insu GRANULE


Galaxy Insu Granule is a lightweight insulation mix that is ideal for over-deck insulation and roof treatments. It comprises a specially processed lightweight aggregate, formulated with special additives to enhance working characteristics and coverage. When dry, it provides superior insulation to the underneath layer that prevents heat transfers from one side to the other. It has an inherent weatherproof layer that serves you for years and saves air conditioning cost up to 40%. It has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Key Features :

  • Light in weight - Prepares screed 1/4th lighter than any screed. This reduces the dead load on the roof by 75% and does not increase the load on the structure.
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation - Reduction in room temperature of around 10-12 degrees Celsius on a hot sunny day.
  • Convenient and easy to apply - Based on roof size and profiles, one can opt for a 50-150 mm layer depending upon the size of the roof and slope to be maintained while laying Galaxy Insu Granules.
  • Less shrinkage and thus less prone to cracks - It can replace the traditional brickbat Coba layer and reduces the probability of cracking under high temperatures and preventing roof leakages as well.

Benefits of Galaxy Insu Granules :

  • High-performance cool roofing system, cool and comfortable living with ambient temperature.
  • Low carbon emission
  • Integrated holistic solution with minimal upfront expenses and still yields sizable cost savings over a building's lifetime.
  • Best life cycle durability and functional determinants.
  • Much better than brick bat Coba / IPS as its lighter and gives much better insulation, with energy savings of up to 40%
  • Uniquely inherent heat insulation material that has served forever without diminishing effects due to "aging" or disintegration as any reflective coating/material loses insulation values over time because of atmospheric conditions.
  • Payback of investments made on roof insulation within 2-3 years.
  • Warmer interior during winter
  • Extremely High fire resistance.


Technical Parameters

Dry Density 500-550 KG/M3
Water Demand 60-65% By weight 
Pot Life 140-160 Min 
Compression strength > 5Mpa (after 28 Days) 
Thermal Conductivity 0.128 w/mk ASTM C177 
R-Value 2.78 per 25 mm # 
U Value 0.36 w/m2k # 
Fire Resistance  Non Flammable IS 11239 
# Value of Thermal Resistance in accordance with ASTM C1363. 11