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             Benefits of Green wrap

               (WATER TANK INSULATION)

  • Prevent water  in water tank from being  HEATED UP in scorching summer &  FREEZING in Congealing winter.
  • Reduces the electricity bills by decreasing the usage of geyser & submersible pump in Winters & Summers respectively.
  • Prevent DIRT from entering into the tank & maintains the hygiene.
  •  Protects your water tank from Wear & Tear caused by outer weather , hence increases the water tank life.
  • Storing water in PVC Tanks which are exposed to Ultra Violet rays is Hazardous as UV rays come in contact with PVC & leads to unwanted chemical reactions inside tank.GREEN WRAP prevent PVC water tanks from coming in contact with UV rays by Reflecting them Backwards.
  • Protects Aquaguard & RO system spare parts from Wear & Tear caused by varying temperature of water in all seasons.
  • GREEN WRAP helps to flow water through RO systems & Pressure pumps at normal temperature in all seasons, hence protect RO system & Pressure pump from Wear & Tear.
  • Reduces the maintenance cost of RO system / Pressure pumps / solar geyser etc.
  • Unaffected by moisture , humidity & condensation , hence maintenance free.
  • Light weight , portable , eco friendly & Easy to install.
  • Enjoy Bubbly water all seasons.

Benefits of GalaxyInsuShield 


  • Prevent your home from being HEATED in summer &  FREEZING in winter , maintains room temperature.
  • It helps in conserving energy & reduction in utility bills by reducing cooling & heating load.
  • Prevent IN HOUSE Oxygen from being burnt by UV rays that penetrate in through walls n roof , hence better HEALTH FOR FAMILY.
  • Reduces noise level hence provide sound proofing benefits.
  • Unaffected by moisture , humidity , condensation & water in rainy season hence provide Water proofing benefits to some extent. 
  • Serves as Vapor barrier.
  • Fire Retardant (Fireproof) & Anti-corrosive.
  • Longer durable life & will not loose effectiveness.
  • Strong , Light weight , puncture & tear resistant , hence maintenance free.