Galaxy Insu Shield

Building Roof Insulation Panel

Boiler & chiller Insulation

Industrial LRB Insulation

Galaxy Insu Granule

Building Roof Insulation Premix

Room Wall Insulation

Acoustic & Insulation properties

Reflective Insulation

Industrial Shed Insulation

Green Wrap

Overhead Water Tank Insulation

Pipe line Insulation

Hot & Cold Pipe Insulation

Water Tank Insulation Jacket

Manufacturing of insulation covers for overhead water tanks that prevents UV radiations from being transferred into the walls by reflecting them back .

How insulation works ?

  • Insulation prevents from being heated in scorching summers and freezing in congealing winters up-to 90%.
  • Eco friendly and leaves no carbon foot print.
  • We provide most reliable and convenient way to insulate your homes & overhead water tank (International Method of Insulation)
  • Our product reflects up-to 97% of radiant heat

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